Cannot make any HTML scripts


I first thought I was making some kind of rookie mistake, but I think this is an underlying issue somehow.

[02/09 13:19:36] [DEBUG] [qml] [FlickableWebViewCore.qml] Web Entity JS message: 463 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘connect’ of undefined

This is the error I am getting when using a .html UI instead of a .qml when opening up a script loaded from my external web host.

var webChannel = new QWebChannel(qt.webChannelTransport, function (channel) {
// replace the TempEventBridge with the real one.
var tempEventBridge = EventBridge;
EventBridge = channel.objects.eventBridge;
EventBridge.audioOutputDeviceChanged.connect(function(deviceName) {

This is from the remote debugger, it’s inside of a Qt file and it looks like audioOutputDeviceChanged is not defined. Everything except for the .html UI file with this error works fine.

OK so it turns out this error doesn’t stop my script from working and the official scripts get the same error … :slight_smile:


I have tracked down the underlying issue. This is a bug: