Cannot move entity by script


I done it before my other examples work where i place the entity and move the netity in the same script. But i forgot how todo it, or spomething else is wrong. What i try todo is moveing simple entity that have stored the entity id in array. placeing works fine, removeing works fine. but moving fails. So i made a smaller example that is trying to move some existing entity that other script have placed. Still failing. Im doing possible something wrong, or something is changed.

Not seeing what i do wrong, tried many combinations but no result it dont move the entity.

function mousePressEvent(event) 
      var pickRay = Camera.computePickRay(event.x, event.y);
      var intersection = Entities.findRayIntersection(pickRay);
      newModel = intersection.entityID;
      var identify = Entities.identifyEntity(newModel);    
      var newProperties = {
            position: { x: 2973,
                        y: 4990,
                        z: 4310 },
        Entities.editEntity(newModel, newProperties);



Do you have anything in the log?



The script is fine, i have it working. so i did not do it really wrong.
I think i just found also the problem… (always happens after you asking for help :open_mouth: ) It looks like the lock is not implemented how i expected. lock means its locked for everybody.

I just double checked it with my other script.
If lock is enabled. It also blocks movement by script, is this a bug ? or missing implementation.

Note, the script that place the entity wants to move it to. but i wanted to lock the object so others cannot move it. That seems impossible right now.


No, I’m pretty sure it’s wanted behavior. If the entity is locked, then nothing can change its properties.


@Atlante45 Yes your right, if lock=true then its not logic if some script can move it or do anything with it. Its secondlife that sneaked in mind and confused things.