Cannot see uploaded models


Hello, and thank you for your time. Having some trouble with uploaded models. Going through these instructions, I am taking care to export FBX files from Blender per the guidelines:

Models must have properly assigned materials
Set specularity to near zero to avoid unwanted shine
Textures are optional
Any textures must be UV mapped
Textures must be 1024 x 1024 or smaller
Export as FBX 7.4 binary
Select Mesh
If using textures set Path Mode to Copy and check Embed Textures

I then get this:


Hi, can you send me the URL and I will have a look. Also if you look at your view>log that may show what is going on.


In edit properties window try hitting Reset to Natural Dimensions button. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of model adds where it’s some microscopic size until that’s hit even though bounding box is approximately size of model outline. Hopefully that’ll be it vs the other million and one ways it can go wrong that’s harder to fix.


Link to the object


Actually - I was saying export as binary FBX vs ASCII then looked at file. You need to use the “raw” link URL from github - that might help.


Or the object just is hiding in the 0,0,0 corner. you can check that in the entity properties by clicking on the object name. in the list


Couple things. In object mode hit Control A and apply rotation and scale. And your normals seem to be flipped.


After flipping normals and applying scale, rotation you get…


lol geez now I feel stupid. Let me give that a try and will report.


Just make sure you use the raw link from github or you’ll get a web page and a cryptic message in debug log that really means - it’s not an FBX file. If you click your link in github file list you’ll see, on right side, Raw button - you can right click and copy link from it.



Still not working . . . getting a flat pancake now. I see there’s info on problems with the fbx export for Blender . . . I will see if there’s something I’m missing.


What do you mean by, " flat pancake now"


@myrddinemrys how did you go?


I’m not figuring this out, no. I see a flat pancake or nothing at all.


Could you show the screenshot of the flat pancake? It sounds like the object was imported but it wasn’t in proper scale due to lights being exported out in the fbx. You should check what reset to natural scale does :slight_smile:


If you see nothing at all it’s possible that the object is hiding in the time out corner (1,1,1)
That seems to happen especially with new uploaded entity’s that where never cached.