Cannot select mesh object


Rezzed some example mesh objects After some puzzling delete and resize works.
But selecting the mesh is terrible. still have one mesh tree i cannot select = no delete.

So how to select a mesh, also undo seems not to work on mesh.
I dont get it selected how i click it dont happen.


Hi @Richardus there was a new update the other day, so now you have to click the box icon on the right, that allows you to edit the mesh.


Yes that worked, but still cannot select the mesh. the tree is still on my public server. but i dont get it selected. btw someone else placed it.


Ohh right, not sure really, maybe the person that put it there might be able to delete it


No, we tried it both. we could not delete it. i have once by luck select that object and resized it. But now, unselectable. I think thats anyway a corner that need some polishing :slight_smile:


I find you have to move quite a bit away from the bounding box to be able to select it. I saw somewhere that if the model occupies a certain large portion of the screen (i.e. looks large in your view) you may not be able to select it and hence not use the backquote key to get the edit dialogue


Well, that did the trick. just go further away. hmm. still think that need to be polished.
That are the SL habbits you need to get lose from. :slight_smile:



if the model takes over 25% of the screen u cant select it , so u have to back away from it with ur cursor on it till it glows


Yeah, that definitely needs some work. Being close enough to your work to edit it’s properties is a must. I sized up some buildings to “full size” and had to move far away to “place” it on a voxel platform. I had to keep moving towards it to view it, then away from it to move it. Was a real pain, I’m sure that’ll be dealt with at some point.


All the model manipulation happens in the editmodels.js script. You can easily customize this script yourself. You will see that the Defaultscript.js links to that script. Attached is an example that disables the 25% capability. , feel free to add more features to these scripts and share with others . Remember that you want to make sure you are not running both at the same time. Also, if you want to check the output of the script bring it up in tools/script editor.


Is the scripteditor javascript to ?
Because its still a pain for my eyes still bad contrast between some colors, light green on white i barly see here. SO script editor useless for me, except to save it to hdd.

Lucky it seems that only lightgreen is a problem color for now. i suggest to use 200,0,0 for green. Also maximize / normal size button would be nice, works quicker instead try to resize it on the window edge. If the option where possible i think i would test a bold font for myself in the script editor. can you set the font type and size etc. in the interface config for the script editor ?

Readability is for me still a hassle, its just on the edge of it works. Waiting for the day a can customize fonts and size and color. :slight_smile:


In my vast scripting experience I do all my script editing using Notepad++ which I have been using since as far back as yesterday afternoon
thanks @Adrian


@judas, i moved to talk about the script editor to the other topic.