Cannot select newly inserted model


It was mentioned in another post that I should stick around and complain about things that I find that need help. So, here goes. This is the first in a string of complaints to see if anyone does anything.

When I insert one of my models I cannot select it to edit. It takes one or two restarts of interface before it is selectable.


does this happen everywhere or just on your own server?


I have only tried it on my server. I assume that other server owners either disallow inserting models or don’t take kindly to junk being inserted.


try it at sandbox, then you can figure out if its a problem with your domain


Soooo, is that enough complaining?


Give a man a match and he has a fire for the night
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Why not use your obvious intellect to create solutions for some of these problems?


Thought for sure that was going to be “Set a man on fire, and you can use him to cook your fish.”


Happens to me too. First time i import its a small deformed version of the model that i cant select or delete, then i reimport it and the second model is invisible. Then i close interface, close stack manager then load them back up and all of the models are now showing and selectable. Ive had to do this many times but it always works.


It happens now too me to, first import still fails. Second import the object appears. But now i cannot select it.

After teleporting to sandbox and back some more objects appeared in the list, and again some where hiding in the corner 0,0,0 <- that really need to be fixt.

ADD: the selection inworld seems to fail still sometimes becvause there’s other object nearby, but i can select it in the list.