Can't change my avatar


So, I changed my avatar to one I created myself. Unfortunately, it’s offset from my camera perspective and I want to change it back.

However, when I try changing my avatar (in Settings/Avatar), Interface crashes!

I’ve tried everything, including uninstalling and re-installing High Fidelity (through Steam). Same problem – Interface crashes. :frowning:

Not sure what to try at this point. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Have you tried going into … \AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity and deleting/removing/renaming Interface.ini there?


Actually, one of the in-world guides was able to help. They had me set the developer option to reset on restart, and that solved it.

It was weird, though… even though I removed the fst and fbx files from my website and uninstalled/re-installed HighFidelity, it was still loading my broken avatar (presumably from cache). Trying to change my avatar at all (to something from the Market, or even just clearing the value out entirely) would crash interface as soon as I hit "save changes’.


Sometimes high fidelity default settings feel like the Basic secondlife viewer from years ago. to many important options are hidden bij default. The option to reset the ini file need to be on more visible not hidden place.