Cant connect to any of my linux servers


Running both Ubuntu and CentOS and was able to log in up till a couple of days ago.
The domains seem to be running, the assignments show as running, the processes are all running.

But trying to go to earth or any other of my domains on Linux I get “not connected”

Is anyone else able to log into Earth?


@Adrian I cannot get to earth.

[DEBUG] [09/12 07:32:54] Waiting for ICE discovered domain-server socket. Will not send domain-server check in.
[DEBUG] [09/12 07:32:54] Sending packet to ICE server to request connection info for peer with ID “84a3278e-e341-427a-b58e-ae76f54dbe05”

Interface Windows build 3149


I have had the same problem 3 days ago. Earth already at this day was for me not connected.

After building hifi new from the source I could login to MagicGame again.


A long shot, but, if your setup somehow used command line options to specify ports used by assignment-client there was a posting saying that syntax for such has changed. It could be source of issue.


i couldn’t get there yesterday and when i try today domain bar shows ‘Earth (Not Connected)’


I think we fixed it, I am now able to connect to Earth, so it should be ok for everybody.
The Ubuntu seems to be ok now after the changes but CentOS is still questionable, Earth is on Ubuntu so its all good now.