Cant connect to cafe domain (please read it not a bug) just need people to read (am i blocked)


I cant connectr to cafe it just says Not connected


i added a debug log here if that will help


please help i want to join people


what do i need to do to get ti fixed


Huh. Interesting. I was able to get to Cafe, no problem.


@DGMurdockIII can you get to other domains?


The debug log posted shows him getting to several other domains.

I’ve inferred what appear to me to be attempts to get to the cafe domain, but the log never actually says ‘url “hifi://cafe…”’

It may not be quite the same thing as a browser and webserver, but it looks almost like the client is being denied at the point of resolving the domain name. Or something like that.


still can’t connect to it but can cunnect to all others


crashes me 9 times outta 10 also


No issues…


well there is somthing wrong i havent been able to connect to if for the past 4 weeks


am i blocked from there


I have exactly the same Problem.


Unless something has been added that I’ve missed, not likely you’re blocked. Currently you can allow only people on a list in or everyone, but, you can’t say allow everyone but agent name “X”.


Yeh sorry, it was a ipban, forgot to unban you. You got a second chance now :smile:


Sneaky and lol :wink: Need fail2banHF


So, i still can’t go there, and never could in the past. So, what did get me banned there? Whatever you’ve may heard about me, i swear i’m harmless…


That’s not what I told him. ~heheheh~


Phineas, come to @Earth. And, if you ever get into @Cafe, suggest to @Thoys that he open a cafe on Earth!


Hey @Phineas.Click , I didn’t ban you from my place, another friend had also trouble connecting to me. Maybe you can help me debug what the problem is.

@SterlingWright yehhhh just claimed a plot near the public center sandbox :smile: