Can't Do Anything


I came in for the first time yesterday and was in for a couple hours playing around, then I had to go home from work. When I tried to log in at home I got a message for an update. I installed the update, now I just have an avatar that stands there. I have no tabs available to change settings. It just goes straight to the picture I am including. I am able to move the view from left to right with A and D keys, that’s it.

I have to hit the windows key on my keyboard to get back to windows and close out Hi Fidelity as it goes to full screen. I am running windows 8. Any suggestions?


Hi @AllyssaChase43 have you tried the W and S keys as it should work with the A and D to make the left, right, up and down functional.


S & W do not do anything. I don’t and any of the tabs like file or edit up top. I don’t have the ability to chat like I did yesterday.


I’m having similar problems, though I can move. After switching to full screen mode and restarting, I lost the menu bar across the top, though I was able to get it back by mousing over the area and clicking until the menus (still sans menubar) appeared and I was able to exit full screen.

However, I am only able to move… I cannot seem to be able to create a voxel in the sandbox.


Click out of the chat window back to the main window. Then you should be able to move.


@AllyssaChase43 are you getting any messages in the console window (black screen that runs) showing errors?


This is at the bottom of the console.


Can you remove your Interface.ini file. On Windows it is located at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity


I removed the file and I was able to see the tabs up top. My camera is not coming on and I don’t see any chat or a way to chat. I can move though. I can’t create voxels.


So, I change my avatar and this happens o.O It blinks and stares at me and I can’t do anything.


Worked for me, can rez voxels, and audio controls are now on the menu, so I can select my headset.


@AllyssaChase43 you probably have full screen mirror turned on.

I can see the Voxel editor on (left hand side) you can click 0 to create your first voxel. To bring up chat hit the enter key.

Have a read of this:


Yes, that helped, thank you. I had forgotten about the new user guide. Thank you for your help Chris.