Can't enter the provided building on my domain


This may sound weird, but sometimes I can enter the building that comes with my sandbox and sometimes I cannot. Even though I am at the doorway, I can’t go through it. Sometimes I can, but sometimes I can’t.


Have u messed with the height of your avatar + and - keys = resets it.
That said with a clean install I coudlnt fit into the teleport thing in the location you arrive as the blue avatar


I have a really bad habit of pressing the - (shrink) key instead of PgUp (jump/fly-up) key. I need to re-arrange my X-keys keypad a bit, I think!


There are three keys (four if you count =) I’ve never understood why they would be considered top tier important:

  • ‘-’ and ‘+’ Why is it so important to give avatar resizing such high priority? Is there some seekrit benefit to having avatar grow to massive size or shrink to an atom?

  • ESC Why is this most useful key, that should be used to break out of various modalities, assigned one of the highest priority spots to be the pause button. There is a pause/break button on most keyboards.


This keys, are just one of the very good things in high fidelity. Something that would have be very usefull in secondlife to. It give people the option to visit domins that use a different scale. The can easy scale down.

But i dtill keep my suggestion open that domain owners can limit the maximum avatar size on domain. if you bigger you get sized down and cannot scale bigger then that.

Only problem is that it’s hard to use in hmd to scale. Some on screen slider wecould move is most easy solutiin and gives a size feedback to. combined with reset button.


Well, resizing the avatar did not work. Apparently the avatar has trouble stepping onto the wooden “porch” just in front of the doorway. I can get onto the porch if I approach from an oblique angle but it’s easier just to hop over it using the “E” key.


Which avatar are u using?


I’m still using the default avatar.


the avatars currently have this capsule shape automatically generated somehow to the scale of the avatar. I’m still hoping it’s just a placeholder as it’s a bit crap . If an avatar exported blender isn’t scaled to 0.01 for example. The colission capsule ends up massive.
It’s a mess


I suspect I’ll have a lot to learn using Lightwave here in HiFi. Blender seems to be popular and I’ve seen Maya mentioned more than once.


Make a flat surface. Create a long entity about 0.3m tall and place it atop the flat surface. See if your avatar is unable to cross over it. If it can’t this is a known bug in High Fidelity. There is code to fix going over small obstructions. Its called skyhook code and presently it is embargoed in an internal build awaiting integration with some other nifty VR related stuff, unfortunately TBD.

For now, make that porch/threshold 0.1m or less.


Looks like we have a bug. Guess we’ll wait on skyhook.


Did you set the compound to the correct setting ?
It does sound like it’s set so the whole building is just solid.
Try “static mesh”


Yes. I noticed this too. But I noticed, that if you wait a minute, you can enter.

Brand new user today