Cant find entities in domain


How can we locate entities that are not nearby?
I have entities in strange places because of several reasons.
Sometimes the properties panel acts up and rotations flick the entity to a tiny size and off into an unknown locaton, sometimes a script will move an object off into the horizon.
Do I have to search the domain manually? We need a system of locating entities wherever they are on the domain.
In cases where we dont know the location of the entity, its lost, as in hanging on the domain until I stumble upon it by chance.

How about being able to specify the radius of search.


Hi @Adrian you could go in and modify the editentities script to expand the radius.


Yeah, I was thinking about making a specific script to find everything, but your suggestion would probably be quicker.

I have avoided making any customised properties editors because things change so often I would need to constantly keep it up to date, I will have to decide on the simplest solution for right now.

Thanks @chris


Maybe patch the upstream properties editor so search radius is GUI configurable? With a reset-to-default button.


You can always click the edit button and select the object from the tools window.