Cant import anything


Is anyone else having this problem, nothing will import, even things that are already in the domain cant seem to be imported again. The poor reporting system means I have absolutely no idea whats going wrong.

It just says the model was
Model added,
Starting request,
Finished request,
model resized,

every time, but nothing ever appears these days.



This seems to be a problem only with some webservers, not necessarily, a Hifi issue.

It does work with some webservers.

More testing needed.


Hi Adrian, I was just going to say, I’ve not heard about that exact problem here lately. There have been problems loading content, ATP vs HTTP etc. but I’ve not seen any mention of stuff not uploading.

[edited to add]:

But there have been a lot of changes in the last week or so. You might want to try clearing cache (all content), rebooting, and other stuff. And also there have been reports about some ATP stuff being throttled or blocked by certain IP hosts… but don’t listen to me, my problems here are probably different than yours.


Hi @Adrian, can you give me the workflow you are using? I have been imported assets, however I may not be following your flow.


HI Chris, the workflow is usual.
Build, and texture in Blender, pack textures.
export FBX
upload to webserver
call inworld from webserver.

It turns out 2 of my servers are refusing to play the game for some reason, as i mentioned, no advice on the console log means I really have nothing to go on. I will try to get some access logs from the host site and error logs if there are any.

But 2 other servers I also work with are working fine, so its not a complete breakdown, prob a webserver issue.


@adrian are you using Apache on Ubuntu Sever as the webserver that is not working properly? I am curious to what server you are using that is working and which one seems to be acting up.


Hi @Adrian sounds like your webserver does not know what to do with the .fbx/obj file. . May need to setup that mimetype