Can't Keep A Good Man Down



Many of you know me. I’m back, but this time on my fifth or fourth iteration. It isn’t my fault. Well… maybe part of is, anyway, I tried to maintain my last account but got to the root of the issue, and placed the High Fidelity equivalent of a SOS signal in the only place I could… Earth… @Adrian

I broke down and made another account. I had no other choice. When I made my way back to the forum I found out that Earth was gone. Like a strange plot twist in a movie. I felt sad. It started to make sense that no one came to my aid; because no one was able to hear the cry for help…

The reason I needed to re-enter the forum, wasn’t to upload stupid images of Jean-Luc Picard, or poke around for compliments. No, I came back to grab the most important data I’ve come across since joining High Fidelity. Not surprising, it was written by @Judas

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that VR will revolutionize the world. I’ve read the Oculus Terms and Conditions so many times I could recite it verbatim. The one word that sticks out to me in the policy or “terms of use” is the word “noncommercial” True, it is illegal to use the DK2 to make money. I’ve been waiting patiently for 3 YEARS for the CV1 to be given a release date. Holding steadfast to the course and continually being the optimist of the team.

I think Judas is right. I think that I will be providing the answer to the “going out” experience.


So i just checked out your website there. I think you may be onto something lol. Your services could be a multimillion dollar industry one day.

I clicked on every “join us/ work for us” link i can find and they dont seem to work. I would love to get involved with you guys.

Im a 3d modeller and i see you are in need of 3d modellers :smile:

In the immortal words of drunken Randy Quad, Im fly! Im pilot!


Welcome back with your new look


Those are placeholders until the forms are finished. The page looks too empty without them. I feel you’ve already provided me a “sneak peek” into your skills; and I’d like to take our conversation into email or other mode of communication. Thanks.