Can't login for over 12 hours


Hi, help!!!
I logged in yesterday for the meeting, and kept crashing over and over. If I clicked on my screen, it would go pale and fail.
What I have tried:

  1. rebooted my machine
  2. rebooted my router
  3. uninstalled and reinstalled HiFi
    4)Tried other worlds (no problems), no problems navigating on the internet
  4. Finally, deleted the .ini files for Interface and Stack Manager

After I did that, when I logged in I got the robot and a log in request, as expected. However, when I try to log in, the password only allows entering for items before I crash again (my password is 13 places long).

Anybody have any ideas? 12 hours is just too long. Thanks in advance, DrFran

(I have my brand-new MacBook Pro, still in the box, and I wanted to make this machine into a faux server. Maybe it knows this and is acting out. :wink:


I also crashed 200 times at the meeting seemed to be something that arrived in the later part of the meeting
If u have no luck i don’t mind having your new macbook for u .
Where are u trying to log in ur domain or elsewhere?
Try installing an older viewer and going to a different location?


Well, I was having issues logging in, too, and apparently part of the issue was I’d wound up with a 0 byte file named Interface.ini.lock in the same folder as my Interface.ini file, which was making me lock up to a white screen at login. Removing that (well, renaming it to Interface.ini.lock.old) let me log in.


You are my hero Nathan. That worked!!! I wonder if others are having this problem…maybe new folks, and haven’t a clue what to do.
Thanks again. Doc


@Smokey_Bracken just had the same problem with the same fix


Gotta love that lock file :wink:


Yep - thanks Nathan… as @Judas said, I had the exact same problem but all fixed now :slight_smile:


I had trouble logging in yesterday too.


I’ve run into this ongoing problem with interface.ini.lock MANY MANY times! In fact these days when I’m having problems logging in, I automatically go into my USERS folder and search for this culprit.