Can't quit out of HF server to let new Interface install.... oO


Okay, I went to install the newest windoze HighFidelity-Alpha version, and it popped up the usual notice that I need to quit out of the server system to let it install. So, I went over to the notification area icons pane and… the HF icon is not there! OO

I tried going to Start > All Programs > High Fidelity and launching the Server Console from there, but still no icon in the notification pane and no command windows came up. I figured, “Okay, I’ll kill it from Task Manager…” and launched that. There are no tasks I can easily identify as related to HF in there, other than the installer task.

How the heck do I shut down the HF server system when everything I can go to shows nothing remotely related to HF on it?!?


You’ll be looking for assignment-client.exe and/or domain-server.exe.

The message that tells you what is stuck open should give you the exact name of the executable we’re waiting for you to close. What does it say?

server-console.exe would be the other thing you would need to be shut down.


okay, I had 7 iterations of assignnment-client.exe running,and one iteration of domain-server.exe. And the High-Fidelity Setup (that is, the installer) is telling me Server Console is running. Killing those tasks you named now…

edit: And then there were TWO instances of domain-server.exe when I got down to kill that one. Anyway, installing new HF version now.


The console icon often ends up in the hidden icons section of the notification area (see photo below). Click on the ^ icon to show the hidden notification icons. Then you can click and drag the HF console icon to the notification bar. I think this is an installer bug that neglects to set the icon’s property to “always show”.


Wait … is that an option we can set? I don’t think it is.

I had done some research to see if we could force it to be in the tray and visible but I thought I found that the user would have to drag it down and pin it manually.


I am fairly certain this can be done in the installer - looking for the docs on that.


Yeah, usually my HiFi icon is in that hidden notification area… but this time it seemed to have disappeared completely. oO