Can't Rez Marketplace Items on my own Domain


Hi, I am sure there is a simple fix for this, but I can’t seem to rez my purchased items on Franny. Rez works fine on my Digital Ocean droplet.

What settings do I have to change? Thanks.


Hey there! Look in the domain server settings for ‘Rez Certified’ it’s a new checkbox for the permissions of each user or user group.

That should set you right-as-rain.

Good Luck Dr.


Does that take some time to take effect? I changed the setting, reloaded the domain, and I still can’t rez.


Why do you need to guve permissions before yu can rezz certified entities ?
I expect that would always be allowed because it’s better.
block uncertified entities make more sense.


So, I have it all checked off, and I still can’t rez on my domain.


solved. Thanks. and 20 characters.


Would you be so kind as to write the solution so others with your issue might find it?


I had Rez Certified checked off for above, but not specifically for me as my avatar name: drfran.

It was @Judas that suggested that might be the problem.