Can't see my controllers (vive)


I just upgraded to today’s patch. My controllers aren’t showing up. They’re clearly being registered in steam. If i swing them around a lot, occasionally I’ll see a glimpse. But then they’re gone.


Wich controllers you talk about ?
I never have seen controllers in High Fidelity. only my hands.
But in steam i see my htc vive controllers. Ok not tested with beta 28


Yes - I’m using Steam with Vive controllers. The controllers should appear like hands.


Do you have this enabled in high fidelity ?


I’m able to bring up the high fidelity menu, but then i lose control of the mouse. Do i need to do this inside of VR?


If you not have mouse access , press ESC so you get in pause mode, that release the mouse cursor normally so you can move it with a normal mouse. You mabye also need to switch to desktop mode to set it. Because you not have controllers :open_mouth:


Ah - ok, yes that is the setting on my system. Avatar/Vive Controllers/Render Hand controllers

The controllers are there. If I toggle in/out of HF, they’re there. It’s just when i am fully in the app that they’re gone.


And it still does not work ?
Then i don’t know right now what would be wrong.


Well, if there’s a developer around & they’d like to debug this, i’d be happy to help. Is there some kind of diagnostic mode we can use to get some useful info?


Done a quick test. it works normal for me with the HTC vive.
Make sure your in HMD mode in high fidelity, you not see it in desktop mode.
Also make sure that you have some avatar loaded, else i think you not see hands.


Hi, it could be due to the presence of another input type. For example: the razor hydra. Sending us a copy of hifi-log.txt will help us diagnose the issue. It’s located in the C:/Users/scifiguy/AppData/Local/High Fidelity/Interface/Logs/ folder.

Do you have an oculus plugged in? or a Razer Hydra?

Also is your steamVR status showing all green before starting High Fidelity?



Hi. how do i send you a private message with the log?


No Occulus or Hydra. BTW, I was able to see hands/controllers during previous version of s/w. All green on Steam.


Click on the name ‘hyperlogic’ and then you see a message button.


Sorry, don’t mean to be too much of a noob, but here’s what you get when you click on the name:


Clicking on the +8more just shows you their badges. I noticed that somebody else asked how to post private messages, they were told the same thing, they replied it didn’t work for them either.

I’d be happy to provide debug info on the program if somebody from here could give me a private way to do it. An email address would be sufficient.



Strange. But there’s other way. Type hyperlogic in search.

At the bottom you can click the name.
Then you get on the profile page from hyperlogic. There you can click the message button.


I think you might not have been logged in to the forums when you clicked on hyperlogic’s name.
When you’re logged in you should get this:

If you’re not logged in, you get what you got.


Yah - I think you’re right. Seems to be working now.


Hi there,

I am having the same issues as the above user with the Vive controllers not being visible nor workable.

HiFi used to work for me before I download the SteamVR launch version…since then, my controllers are not visible.

When I try and check the settings, it seems that the Vive controllers are already supposed to be rendered…I am not sure how to make my avatar loaded if a default has not been loaded already.

One issue related to this is that the escape button does not always work to access the top menu…and when I can access the top menu, my cursor disappears into the desktop area which prevents me from actually selecting new settings from the top menu…

I have a hii-log which I can send you although my only device is the VIVE…

I will try to direct message Hyperlogic as well…

I really hope I can return to HiFi…I would like to use Limitless to create some NPCs there…



Hi Hyperlogic,

I posted in this forum thread below but not sure if you can read it…
I wanted to message you directly…I am logged into the forums but I cannot see the message button on your profile button either…

Anyway, I wanted to show you my hifi log text file…I am having similar avatar rendering and vive controller visibility issues since the steamVR launch…