Can't see myself, can't get into 3rd person, interface crashes


HI all,
So I’ve downloaded the latest Hifi, and looked forward to trying out the latest additions, but that wasn’t to be.
When I arrived I was in first person and couldn’t get into third which I was able to do in the last release.
When I tped to Openvue this is what I saw -

I then went to Earth where, last time, I tried out walking on the land and I saw all the buildings, but when I tped to that location this time this is what I saw -

And I’ve crashed 3 times, this is the first time it happened.

Here is my system -

I have a Intel HD Graphics 4000 and have installed the latest drivers.

So if someone can tell me what’s going wrong I’d appreciate that.


uninstall the latest intel drivers and uncheck that thing that reinstalls the same version,i have the same prob it works with the older intel driver


Thanks Judas :smile: