Can't see web entities on a Mac


I can add a web entity to my domain or the sandbox but can’t see the website it contains. Users on Windows can see it just fine, but on a Mac I’m SOOL

Has anyone gotten web entities to work on linux?

Sadly web entities have some bugs and do not work in all cases.


@Coal any idea if this will be resolved relatively soon? Wanted to display fullscreen gifs within the web entities but maybe the only option is to use procedural entities for this?


not likely soon… sorry. We’re using some underlying support in Qt to do web entities, and we’ve found several bugs in the Qt code related to OpenGL that cause web entities to not work on the mac. Getting a workable solution will take us some time.


@ZappoMan thanks

If I want to create procedural textures using gifs and have no experience doing so…what videos/websites should Iook into?


If you’re just looking for information on procedural effects, I’d suggest looking around the website Shadertoy for inspiration. If you’re specifically talking about making a procedural effect using an animated gif, I don’t believe we currently support that.


Ok thanks @Jherico

I added a zone and pasted the following into the user data box but nothing shows up…am I missing something?

“ProceduralEntity”: {