Cant select anything. build 3174


Cant select objects or entities by clicking.

I can create entities and I can select entities from the properties panel if I can find it on the list.

But cant seem to select anything by clicking it.


Just checked it, i see the same problem.

  1. Placed entity cube
  2. Click something else or make sure it;s deselected.
  3. You cannot click it anymore, you need to select it in the entty list.


I noticed this too along with clicking names in the user list doesn’t teleport me directly to them anymore.


Hi, thanks for reporting. I have put this up as an issue to fix


This has improved in the latest release 3183, I can now select entities and objects.

But other button click events seem to be ignored, So something still wrong with the click functions.


can you tell me what other buttons?


this.mousePressOnEntity is not working currently.

I have several TP scripts and a few others and none of them are currently working.


I will get this fixed