Cant select entity inside another


Since the removal of the “Refresh list” button in the Tools - Entity properties window, there is now no way of selecting an entity which is inside another entity, the only way to do it before was to open the list, refresh and look for the object in question and select it from there, this is no longer possible, using the models list from the Edit menu no longer selects the object but simply opens the properties window.

I dont know if this is broken or part of a new system but we are currently left with no way of selecting some entities.

We need the refresh entities list replaced back in the Tools - Entities properties please.

Could I get some comments on this before I set to job suggestion please.


I missed the Refresh Entities tab when it went away too. When working adjusting a bunch of entities, it is more convenient than spatially selecting them!


Hi @Adrian and @glenalec, this feature should be back in sometime this week. I’ll update here when it is.


@Adrian @glenalec The entity list is back - you can toggle it in the menu by going to “Edit -> Entity List…”