Can't use apostrophe in description of domain


Funny little bug in the Description field of the domain-server > Settings > Places/ Paths. It says “A description of your domain (256 character limit).” You can’t write a description that includes an apostrophe. When you save and look again, the apostrophe and everything written after it are missing.


Why is this a bug. It su ds just like it’s telling you cannot use apostrophe. So it get removed automatic if you use it.

Mabye you expect that you cannot enter it ?


Well, I would guess it’s a bug because English requires the use of the apostrophe to create the possessive. If you are describing your domain, you might want to say who it belongs to. So, right now, you could not say “This is Mr. Raymaker’s Hangout”. It gets truncated at “This is Mr. Raymaker” :wink:


Fully agree with you. This is a very questionable limitation. (probably because it’s still beta) I would expect this field able to support the tag killer char: >’&"<
the accent of any languages éèïö… and the multibyte characters: 流基金(ジャ…

Even this forum is able to do that :wink:


Aha. now i get it. Curious. Does work ?
So you get ‘This is Mr. Raymaker’s Hangout’