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I’m wondering if the nude version would have articulated… er… bits. I’m guessing there will need to be a standardized mechanism for that so that they can be consistently controlled from avatar to avatar. Maybe as a seperate-but-attachable “bone structure” that uses its own naming convention internally, so as not to conflict with other “bones” in the avatar when invoked.


Currently however, if attachment has bones the avatar has, they are ignored and just float. They do not seem to follow the structure of the bones too, which is… annoying.


Does that mean ones that use the same bone names as the regular skeleton, or just ones that have their own bones and are attached to the av? If the former, then we’d just have to make sure we don’t accidentally use the same name, tho that might also cause problems if you need to attach multiples of the same attachment. Say, have two pairs of articulated wings on the back.


Basically, its like creating an avatar, but the bones will scale according to the base avatar.

So that you can have situation where one is wearing another avatar on top of another. It looks quite creepy when I wear the Fennec avatar ontop of the cat one I have or the robot (basically, its like I skinned the other avatar an am wearing it on top).


I’ll give that a chance sometime this week. fwiw, I tried that using “panels” as they are called in the clothing industry, that were NOT stitched and it failed epic. I’ll try stitching them first (I think it is called “join” in Blender)


Things are coming together in preperation for @KevinMThomas concert on board. @Judas has really brightened the place up, and we had a random visitor last night from China. @MichelleLeckrone, @Twa_Hinkle, and @Triplelexx were present to help in areas I am less familiar with.

Unfortunately, the QML chat still has the ability to crash Interface by bug details are as follows:

I’m not sure if this is going to present itself as an issue during the concert, but we’ll see.


Oh yea! June 10th 3:30pm HIFI TIME!


Crap. I will be at a conference in DC.


Ok, maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself. The audio from Cleveland did manage to make it onto the boat for the audience in attendance. Special thanks to Chris and Caitlyn for that. The jumbotron stream of did display correctly (with a few interruptions of service) special thanks to Thoys for good teamwork. So maybe I should just get over it and move on. It really doesn’t matter how much you prepare for something. When the chips are down and the time has come, the show must go on. There were times where it just felt like the Hackathon all over again. Times where no amount of preparation could have foreseen a total system failure like that. Times where I wanted to “take my ball and go home.” But I’m not a quitter. I don’t give up even in “no-win” situations. “I don’t believe in the No-Win Scenario” - Capt. James T. Kirk

In hindsight, it would have been better to run a full test on all possible HF-compatible machines. I’ve decided to get behind the wave of folks upgrading to Windows 10. For better or worse, it’s the future of Windows whether I like it or not. It’s probably a safe bet that the majority of VR HMD users are going to have top-of-the-line machines that are almost definitely Windows 10 PCs.

If you can’t beat them. Join them.


I think what is important here is we are in uncharted territory. What is critical is that we take what was good and worked and examine what didn’t work as good as expected and grow from it. This process will take significant time. What is great is a starting point was established, decisions were made, teams pulled together and executed and we have a baseline to move forward.

Immersive VR with 3D spacial audio integrating a live video feed and optional chat is taking VR to the next level and we can only grow from here. I say cheers to @AlphaVersionD and @Judas, @thoys, @Caitlyn @chris and everyone who worked hard to get this event off the ground.


I’m finally starting to get grips with PBR. Substance Painter and have really shown me a suitable pipeline to complete the work on this domain if I am to complete it solo. I was really concerned at first, but I buckled down and put some effort into watching and understand the teachings online and @Menithal example videos. Also, big shout to @Triplelexx for the recommendation on Substance Designer. I’m choosing to stick with Painter, only because when I need a material it’s far more economical of my time and funds to simply go to and get what I need.

I personally prefer this workflow opposed to Quixel but have no experience with Quixel and nothing to compare it to. Shown are completed (90% I’ll probably do one more iteration on the brickyard) ground and support columns.

I’m really happy with the way this is working and the biggest time sink of all is taking the models and ensuring proper UV mappings and unwraps. It’s an art in and of itself.

and for comparison on the left is a grey asphalt and curb that is non-workflow, while on the right is the aforementioned completed PBR workflow using GT/SP/Blender. The difference is obvious. I’ll be completing a video on this workflow when I return from the Independence Holiday. Again, if you have the funds, you can simply purchase Substance Painter out-right, without bundling undesired subscription ties. ((no offense, just not my thing)) Then you can swing by and ((unfortunately)) find a subscription that suits your needs. Grab your downloads, upload them to Painter, and export your PBR dope-sauce. :smiley: It’s seriously a no-brainer. Everyone can be a cgi pro with tools as good as this.


I think i looked once on substance painter. But, it freaked me out i think. Ot the font size where the big problem. mabye i need to look at that trail if it allows me again.

Anyway, how big is the first step ? blender where hard but how is substance paiter ? Tell us more ! :slight_smile:


I did look at these but the license agreement terrified me


Really? I didn’t see anything that would prevent me from doing this.


It looks like you can only use them whilst you continue to subscribe to their service?


It’s a bit worse than that. Once you stop subscribing, you have to cease use all of their works, and you cannot ever transfer the works to anyone else. Also, without basic DRM/CP you place yourself at peril of getting sued and having to play for their legal costs. And if that isn’t bad enough, if you use all or part of their works in your works and if that stuff appears in a performance (club setting, etc.) you have to pay them royalties.

This ‘non-commercial’ license is really a small biz license. It’s fine for many uses but I think it is not suitable for virtual worlds where the expectation is that the works are shared downstream (as in you make it, then sell it).


I read the entire document. I’m not sure I follow where you got that impression. If you’d like to show me where in the terms I have overlooked, it would be most appreciated.



This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and continue in
effect for one year with the perpetual option to renew for an additional
year by paying an additional Subscription Fee


Upon notice from Licensor, or upon Licensee’s knowledge that any
Licensed Material may be subject to an infringement claim for which
Licensor may be liable, Licensor may require Licensee to immediately and
at its own expense: (i) cease using the Licensed Material; (ii) delete
or remove the Licensed Material from its premises, computer systems and
storage, both electronic and physical; and (iii) ensure that its agents
or clients do the same.


GameTextures is a dud, I asked the guy directly if you can use the content in virtual worlds and was rejected.
The textures seem to have developed using Substance Designer, I am using them for a mobile game, I came to the conclusion it was just be easier making my own in Substance Designer and not have the license headache going forward. ATP might possibly changes things but best to ask, I want to move on to my own IP.


Ok. So under assumption I’m out my ten bucks, I have a camera to capture photos with but that would contain light information. How would you guys resolve different pbr maps using only a basic digital photo?

I haven’t purchased SP yet so maybe the better alternative would be to learn Blender Cycles and use my own pbr maps?

@Triplelexx can the same be said about Substance products? I’m just trying to find a workflow that well… works. :slight_smile: