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I’ve just had a wacky thought… are any of those sets of special characters the little “graphics block” characters some early 80s computers put on their upper ASCII positions so you could do crude, very-low-rez graphical images by plopping down a buncha blocks from their keyboards? You know, the ANSI-BBS graphic-block thingies?


You have that from the standard UTF-8 block, no need to even use the symbol set :slight_smile:
such as


One Hour In AltSpaceVR with a GearVR and other various rants - Capt.O
tl-dr: we’re still winning…

I know now what I didn’t know before entering. AltSpaceVR leverages cross-platform builds using Unity. I met a guy there and at first he waved; I spoke, “you must have a leap motion…”. “I sure do.” the guy replied.

High Fidelity needs users and those users don’t really require many of the bells and whistles we’ve all been focused on as builders. I believe that High Fidelity still has the one-up on AltSpaceVR for many of the same reasons Rosedale spoke about in yesterdays meetup. I want to make an analogy to The Matrix with respect to Neo as High Fidelity and the ‘agents’ are AltSpaceVR. During the Kung Fu scene when Morpheus is fighting Neo he says to Neo (paraphrased) “You will always be faster and stronger…because you are not bound by the confines of the program Neo.” Morpheus is referencing Neo’s Humanity. He is human. AltSpaceVR is pretty nice for what it is. However, it is still built upon Unity, and will still be restricted by the rules and laws of that governing program. Sure, Unity has great tools for building stuff and importing it here and there and other places. But High Fidelity allows you to create directly inside the platform. Sure, it’s a work in progress, but to compare it to Unity is not fair; as Unity has had 10 or so years to fully optimize it’s methods. High Fidelity gives creators a publishing software to distribute openly and freely (minus cost of place name for full-auto-networking) and therefore when 1.0 finally hits the ground the only thing holding you back as a creator will be you. No more excuses. The artist will no longer blame the tools. I watched a guy make a Mona Lisa from McDonald’s ketchup packets. What’s my excuse? :wink:

I’ve spent hours and hours and hours of my own personal time investing in this adventure. Thousands of dollars of my own personal savings has been spent on equipment, cameras, DK2’s, CV1’s, content creation from university-graduate art fellows. I’m literally all-in guys; and yet I don’t complain a fraction of what others do. However, content theft is real and we need a real way to protect our investments. Until I can be ensured stealing from me is more difficult than a basic copy/pasted url from a simple Log-watch; this ship will not depart. I understand we need the Logs as a dev-tool right now. I get it. But to open up the gates to the masses is simply too risky at this point. I live a very humble life as basic Web-Developer; I can’t afford a loss on that level. If the same exact experience was built-in to AltSpaceVR, no user could get to its root-files and extract them for their own purposes. (without extensive reverse-engineering)

I don’t think many of you realize my level of commitment here and my sincerest apologies if you simply don’t care for my creations or don’t wish to hear me rant about how this platform is still King; you don’t have to drink my Kool-Aid. :smiley: AltSpaceVR seems to be user-friendly. I want very badly to give the people what they want. I’ve been watching the forums for almost 2 years now. ShaderSkyBox was added. I brought in an Ocean. Users complained about text-chat. I authored my own version that auto-loads on arrival… problem solved. Various other stuff… Clothes. Entertainment. Inventory. Just because some of these issues are on the front-end doesn’t mean they are easy to solve.

I really need the ability to leverage multiple servers for the individual domain. I have multiple machines (some Winx64Pro boxes, some Linux) that are literally standing by awaiting the time where I can provide each one it’s own bandwidth pipe all sharing the computational load for my domain. I want you to want to be there. Did I mention I have Fiber to the house? Bandwidth for all; now with the ability to throttle via Console Settings. Nice. Maybe you want to host your domain on my boxes? High Fidelity wants (long term) to allow me to share my pipes with you. I hope that feature is supported this year, but I won’t hold my breath.

I would like to close out this entry with a small request from the community. Under the assumption I have more than just a pretty Cruise Ship awaiting you; what other features will encourage you to come along? I know @Judas wants to be able to sit down. Don’t worry. I got plenty of seating room in the Grand Theater. :wink:


What altspace vr does that we don’t do at all, is creates a great first impression.
Hifi reminds me of doing up my house. I bought it cheap as it needed work. Wetrot dry rot woodworm . The phrase “it will be nice when its finished” still rings in my ears.
I understand that this isnt secondlife. The experience of being here is horrible .
There must be something seriously wrong with the alphas who remain. We’re some kinda masochistic VR Cult.

Some kinda concession to regular users is desperately needed.
I would love some normal people to come hang out.
cos frankly you’re all weird


Holds a very reflective entity in front of @judas.
And is your home ever finished ? The experience is terrible because some implementations need to be hammered into the right direction first, but it’s thick reinforced concrete. I expect btw that sansar is not much better when it’s open then high fidelity.

Still get the diea that opensim and secondlife are hard to use to, especially with mesh.



For atp:/links I suggest make it so that click on the link spawns the item (if model) or applying it (if script) :smiley: (after a popup confirming the action)

Same thing with hifi links, but teleporting…


Wonder if it would be worth supporting HOP: links and the like, too, such that when one clicks on one it hands the link off to the designated SL-style TPV. Or is that already supported?


Nothing is supported by default. I’m writing this from scratch. What is TPV?


TPV = Third Party Viewer. That’s SL-speek for viewers other than SL’s own made viewer, so, basically viewers like Firestorm or Singularity.

Anyway, the main point I’m making is: if there’s a specialized type of URL that gets more than occasional use out In The Wild, it might make sense to support those in the chat program, too. Say, HOP: and SLURL: would take you to an SL type viewer, Maybe also at some point recognize TOR (The Onion Router) links and direct those towards whatever TOR-enabled web browser the end user has in place. I’m sure there’s probably other sorts of specialized URL designators others here might know of and can suggest. No great rush in trying to support them all, or even these mentioned ones, but something to think about nonetheless.


I’ll only be able to accomplish what is currently available to the QML widgets via C++, and at this time, I don’t believe I’d be able to launch external applications. I will certainly keep this concept of protocol support at the front of my to-do’s. My current code makes adding a new protocol pretty easy. Deciding what happens after user clicks is a bit more tricky. Thanks for the input.


Well, presumably the actual launching of the external program would be handled by the OS the user is on, you’d simply hand off the link to whatever mechanism it is in, say, Windows, that would know what to do with links provided it by other programs. I’m guessing someone else here probably knows how that sort of thing works and could advise.


Lots of people and first time seeing the boat my self. Good work so far!


WHOA! Free boat ride for 3…




I want to thank you for the tour today and for your comments on opening up your build and commitment to HiFi. I think all of those there today feel the same way about the future here and realize that this is the beginning of a new era.

Your build is looking great and mostly worked well. Anyway, just a post to say thanks and hopes you will continue to plug away at what sometimes seems to me to be a never ending job of making content here.


The introduction of the new Adam and Eve photoreal avatars has brought me back to an old project. I was swiftly reminded that Avatar creation is a very difficult process. It is extremely time-intensive and it can go wrong very quickly. Let’s hope there is a market coming soon as it may be the fastest to flood with creators.

Time to go dust off that RealSense 3D cam. :smiley:


Cool! Can’t wait to see what you make.

We are definitely placing much focus and energy towards creating a rich, diverse and lively market…


Do the Adam and Eve avatars arrive wearing figleaves? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I cannot speak for the HiFi Adam and Eve avas, but you can expect any future avatars from me to be delivered in traditional legacy format. (Non-anatomical, nude)

Speaking of nude: does anyone have a soft-attachments tutorial? I could really use a good set of default threads.