Captain's Log 3.14159265359


GameTextures is a dud, I asked the guy directly if you can use the content in virtual worlds and was rejected.
The textures seem to have developed using Substance Designer, I am using them for a mobile game, I came to the conclusion it was just be easier making my own in Substance Designer and not have the license headache going forward. ATP might possibly changes things but best to ask, I want to move on to my own IP.


Ok. So under assumption I’m out my ten bucks, I have a camera to capture photos with but that would contain light information. How would you guys resolve different pbr maps using only a basic digital photo?

I haven’t purchased SP yet so maybe the better alternative would be to learn Blender Cycles and use my own pbr maps?

@Triplelexx can the same be said about Substance products? I’m just trying to find a workflow that well… works. :slight_smile:


Something i not get my head fixt on. but i need to dive deeper into it too.


You can find the license here

It states " the License gives You the right to create Your own Substances and
Licensee Content. Whilst You are not allowed under the License to
redistribute the Software, You are authorized to redistribute Your
License Content."


I have decided to attempt to gain sponsorship for my art and science experiments in High Fidelity.
My first offering is for free to help spread the word.

I hope this really gains traction, I’d love to start generating real revenue using High Fidelity!


Here some inspiration from my current trip to the seas
This is what it looks like inside a a finnish cruise ship


Open is now closed.

I am actually running two machines to help with a “stage versus live” box situation.

The original computer that was running ‘open’ was too under powered to run multiple agents audio, but works great for just me alone. So, the original ‘open’ is now my “staging server” whereby I create what I want and when it is in a stable condition I can roll it “live” to the new server that is running the actual ‘open’ domain experience.

It will re-open sometime later today.

Thank you for patronage.


Stage server rollout complete…

All aboard.

Note: if you are on the friends list of AlphaVersionD (most of you on the forums pre-2016 already are) you have the ability to KICK users.

Please exercise caution as the domain has been re-opened and any ‘logged - in’ user can enter the space.

In the meantime, I am looking to recruit responsible people to maintain such peace in this new metaverse…


Ultra-slow-motion. But I think I’ve got the variables right. Now it’s time to automate!


Learjet 45 final approach ~ 140 kts. Using a second machine for experimentation prior to live rollout is pretty nice. :smiley: When I finally dial in the right stuff, I’ll push this out to the domain. Then it is just a matter of getting the airport built, asking @Jazmin if she’d be nice enough to share her monorail to get from the airport to the port terminal.



Awesome! For sure you can use it. It may need some updating though.


It’s been nearly six months since my last post in the log. A lot has changed since then. Our community has been introduced to the possibility of credible VR meetups of 100 or more albeit at the expense of high-end server rental. I reviewed some of my older remarks from 2016 and even further back and started to wonder, “…what happened? why did I slow down?” It hadn’t occurred to me until seeing these older posts that I was at one time full of enthusiasm; practically racing to an undetermined finish line. What happened?

I don’t think the answer is as simple as a few clumsy words sorted into a snazzy phrase could convey.

I feel a bit lost. As if the initial drive to gather ALL the traffic has since faded. I missed the plane - so to speak.

The wild west of VR is just that. Empty and sparsely-populated, but for the determined, “…there is GOLD in them thar hills!” :smiley: but is it still worth the effort? Good question. I’m still uncertain about that. What I was reminded of are all of the abandoned projects I have started here. A cruise liner, a text-chat, an airport. All of them halted for different reasons. All of them something I was very proud of at the time. …and even though this continues happening…

I still for some reason keep coming back.

I still believe in highly populated shared VR spaces. I also still believe that I can provide a fun and entertaining space for people to visit. So I guess I’ll wait it out. Until I’m truly ready to ‘go-live’ with this domain once again. Until then, HF_INC has been nice enough to all development servers to be deployed on extremely modest hardware. When ready, the process of server migration is straight forward. Certainly not industry standard ease-of-use; but it’s not terrible.

Perhaps an ‘ask the devs’ session should be properly scheduled. I do appreciate the weekly meetups, but I feel I could always just ask Caitlyn privately to forward my question on to the engineers. I’d rather ask them directly in front of others. My questions certainly are being held by like-minded people. Things like the rendering engine, the collisions malfunctions, the global chat that was promised and is still under development, etc etc etc etc ET CETERA! Sometimes it just seems un-ending.

I’m one guy. I don’t expect to make a triple-A title from the Interface/Stack_Manager heap. But I do hope to be able to make something I can be proud of; and currently it’s not the state of things. Every single time I set out to do something substantial something blocks it. Fortunately, that happens so early on in my iteration (like light bloom that is non-existent) I just suck it up, close Blender and move on. Or worse… I get so upset that I just leave and do something else for six months. o.O

The saving grace of all of this is the amount of time I spent acting in the live performance presentation. It wasn’t about the money, it was about being involved in something that (( for whatever reason )) seemed to MATTER TO SOMEONE. Someone cared about that project; and I felt valued by adding to it. Maybe I’ll get lucky again and something will come along that gives worth to the effort it takes to be here. I’m still standing behind this platform; I’m just a lot less involved than I used to be. Hopefully that will change with the new upgrades to skeleton control and blendshape manipulation. We shall see. :smiley:



google earth arrived on the rift and gave me the first wow moment in a while. Then I quit hifi to go to Facebook Spaces, but it didnt let me do anything cos its buggy

so i came back :smiley:


Just finished watching this:

VR is pricey. No doubt about it.

The guy from Manhattan puts it pretty clear, it’s roughly 2 grand just to buy-in; how many people are willing to do that? Obviously I’m a big fan, but it’s a pretty tough sell to even my most “techy” of friends. I’m of the mindset now ((and this stance didn’t happen overnight)) that VR population growth will be tied into Hardware Releases. Such that, when the CV2 or the Vive_2 launch, generation 1 owners, will turn and sell their old hardware at great discount; thereby allowing the less affluent tech users a chance to buy-in.


Been a very long time since I’ve posted here. Just need to remind myself why I keep pushing forward. One step forward, two steps backward. All the while, maintaining hope it will all sort itself out. 4 Beta Releases in which the audio-mixer failed me twice. Not sure what’s going on, I originally thought it might be tied to hardware, so I upgraded. Problem went away. Rocking and rolling on v_7474. Then Beta60 hits and the audio-mixer won’t run. /////siiiiiighhhhh////// I guess I just do conference calling in the meantime…

bummer dude…


@huffman saving the day!

So what did we learn?

We learned there is a reason they ship them in the same box…


Are you planning on being a venue for artists to do performances? I am. So I spoke with a performer and she pointed me in this direction… (see why i was so bent-out-of-shape about my audio-mixer?) :smiley:

Royalties for Cover Songs
Bilal Kaiser by Bilal Kaiser
Freelance writer, Digital marketing

An original song is a great example of copyrighted material. A cover song is a new performance of an original song or recording, like what we see on popular TV shows “Glee” and “American Idol.”

So, if your band wants to cover another artist’s song, what do you have to do? The answer depends on whether you want to simply play the song live, or record it.

Performing a Live Cover Version of Another Artist’s Song

According to SESAC, one of the three big Performing Rights Organizations (PRO) in the US, “Anyone who plays copyrighted music in a public establishment is required to obtain advanced permission from the copyright owner, or their representative.” A PRO, sometimes referred to as Performing Rights Society (PRS), is a licensing agent for songwriters and their music publishing companies, and it coordinates royalties for the appropriate parties. (Amazingly, “SESAC” is not an acronym—the name doesn’t stand for anything.)

However, the responsibility for procuring this license usually falls on the venue or organization hosting the band. Owners of performance venues purchase license agreements from one or all of the big PROs. In addition to SESAC, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) also coordinate performance licensing for such venues.

So, if you perform cover songs at weddings or nightclubs, the venue would need to have the appropriate licensing agreement or face legal exposure. (The same obviously goes for venues hosting tribute bands—bands that cover many songs by the same bands.)

Each of the three PROs covers certain artists, so the entity one goes to depends on the songs being performed. Many locations get performance rights from more than one PRO, as artists whose work might be performed are covered by different licensing agents.

The rates a venue can expect to pay for performance rights can vary: costs depend on type of venue, type of performance, frequency of performances, entrance fees, and other factors. Certain venues are exempt from royalty requirements altogether: churches and other places of worship often qualify for exemption, as can non-profit educational venues (so long as the songs are part of an in-person teaching activity). Anyone considering whether a performance will be exempt should check with the appropriate PRO in advance.

Recording Cover Songs

A different situation is presented if your band, instead of simply wanting to cover a song live, decides it wants to record a cover version of another artist’s song. If you’re interested in a license for recording or selling a copyrighted song, you’ll need what’s called a mechanical license—a license that allows one artist to create a new version of another’s copyrighted song. A mechanical license is so named because the author of the original song does not have to give his or her permission for you to get one—it’s “mechanical.” The Harry Fox Agency is the largest agency in the music business for such licenses, coordinating the royalties between the various constituents (music publishers, performers, etc.). Note that while you are guaranteed a mechanical license for the asking (and paying), the one thing that the original artist can block is another artist releasing the first recording of that song—under certain circumstances, that artist can even block his or her own record company from doing so!

The Take-Away

It’s a thrill to perform a song you’ve long held dear to your heart. But if that song is copyrighted and you’re performing it at a venue that makes money, make sure they have the right licensing agreement squared away before you get on stage. And if you want to record that homage to your favorite power ballad, remember that it’s you who is on the hook for the licensing fees.

Dropping this here for later:
Website Music Performance Agreement

The Standard Website Music Performance Agreement typically applies for a commercial entity that has the potential to generate revenues from operating a website or mobile application but is not considered a Music Service, as defined under the Music Service tab. Some possible sources of revenue may be non-music related subscription fees, E-commerce, advertising, or sponsorships.


Last post from December 2017… just popping in to let you know we’ve got the people, the product, and the motivation to go live this year. I’ve got demos scheduled, and real-estate lined up. The Captain and Crew are back…


All aboard the hype train!

Our subscription-based services will be launching soon. Have a sneak-peek at the Avatar Pipeline. :wink:


Very cool. I think I need an Orc! Bring it on, Alph!