Cascading Shadow Corruption? (video) Should this be on worklist?



First off, I am not entirely confident that my video is going to embed in this post; if not, I will have to come back later and try again. Meanwhile…

I noticed what seems to be some problem with the behavior of cascading shadows. I made a fast-dirty-cut video of this. I do not know whether this is the sort of thing that should be posted on the worklist, so would appreciate some feedback about that.

I also do not know the actual logic by which graphically-represented shadows should be functioning, so I am not sure I am correctly assessing the problem. Maybe the shadows work fine unless one is at a great distance above them, which may not be what they are designed for.

Regardless, here is a test Video Bug Report. Is using a video format like this useful for bug reporting?

Best wishes.


hmmm…no video…

Here is a link:

Would like to learn how to embed videos into posts.


“Whoops… let me get my head out of the sand.”

Nicely done, though.


Yes, I thought that was a cute aside…and likely apropos!
Thank you.


So, is this not a bug? And is this not a helpful format for reporting one?