Cease and Desist NOW


I am most saddened today. Due to limited understanding about the word “oculus” and it’s use in human language I have inadvertently created a “situation” for myself. At approximately 02:31 PM EDT I was contacted by Team Oculus Lawyers. Yeah… little 'ol me was contacted by one of the most powerful companies in Social Media. (this might not go well)

Anyway; I’ve got some cleaning up I have to attend to, and I wanted everyone to be aware that I will no longer be affiliated with the OCULUS name or brand or marks, or whatever I did to ruin my tiny local start-up company. I will continue working in HiFi, just no longer under the household “OCULUS” name brand. :wink:

Oh well, it gives me more of an opportunity to spread my wings. But consider this my warning to those of you with similar “infringement” type of names (or avatars) you had better watch out. You know who you are.

@b thank you for helping me with the original name change. I’d like to ask that you do so one more time. When I come up with the name, I’ll private message you. Just need sometime to get my shit together.



Suggests Captain Annulus


How about Captain Vive? That isn’t out yet…


Captain infringement maybe



im not a lawyer lawyer but isn’t oculus a Latin word? if they can own that word then I call dibs on bullshit


Good luck to you. Perhaps Valve is a bit more understanding but I doubt it.


ok Captain Synthality hybrid synthesized/ reality


Be a pirate and call yourself Captain.Ocularrr matey.


Haha yes and you sail your ship out of Crescent Bay!


Call you “Captain Oog” or “Captain Mati” :stuck_out_tongue:


yes oculus is a latin world.
It is also the name of a horror movie.


It is also a one way ticket to force-quit your company. I represented all that was good about the roots of the technology. When it was about a boy and a dream, and the little guy developer actually mattered. I’m finished building upon someone else’s ‘name’ and my existence in High Fidelity will no longer be tied to an individual technology or company.

My work and future plans must continue. This is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Perhaps I’ll call myself Jaded, but that would be too obvious. All I know is I have little time to decide, and must make sure I’m unique if nothing else.


Captian Vision

Well. i don’t see why it’s problem but betetr avoid problems now then later.


Maybe Captain Homunculus?Homunculus


Just look for surnames on websites there’s plenty to choose from like the baby naming ones


I’ve got one picked out. I’ve contacted @chris and B to help me get “reconfigured”. It’s quite likely this current account will be deactivated; but don’t worry, I have a feeling you guys will know I’m around. :smile:


We certainly will know who you are no worries In some ways this looks like Copyright trolls But for your sake it will cause less confusion for the future


I thought it might be copyright trolls too, they weren’t… but it’s all good; I’d rather go through with this now then have to deal with it in the future.