CentOS 7 - Entities not persistent (Don't save on domain)


It appears CentOS 7 is fast becoming an utter ball-ache, but unfortunately we can’t change distros now that our server is being used for other large projects.

We’ve just finished fixing an issue thanks to the community’s support whereby the child processes would just die within seconds of any connection (https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/centos-7-domain-server-nodes-terminate-after-a-short-period-of-operation-resolved/9220/last)

Now that has been resolved, we’ve faceplanted in to another obstacle… Entites are not remaining on the domain server after being places, modified, locked, etc.

Example (Feel free to connect to domain and create things)
Domain: indigofuzz
FBX Url: http://indigofuzz.co.uk/hifi/asset/uvroom.fbx

Is this a known issue?

Interface Log Scrape:

[10/25 11:52:45] [DEBUG] Servers: total 0, in view 0, unknown jurisdiction 0
[10/25 11:52:45] [DEBUG] perServerPPS: 0 perUnknownServer: 10
[10/25 11:52:48] [DEBUG] Servers: total 0, in view 0, unknown jurisdiction 0
[10/25 11:52:48] [DEBUG] perServerPPS: 0 perUnknownServer: 10

If it helps ‘models.json.gz’ isn’t being created/doesn’t exist within the resources/* directory.

Furthermore: If more than one are in the domain, we can’t see each other…


Have you tried running it as root? Maybe it’s a permissions problem?

If I were you I would just give up and buy a VPS for $8 a month.


Permissions are all set and checked properly.

We’re looking over the compilation with a hunch as to what it might be… stay tuned haha


This sounds like what I was (and likely still am) experiencing under Debian since a few weeks ago, so it might be a wider Linux-build issue.


We’s ascertained it’s down to the compilation of the assignment-server; Forcing CentOS to use GCC 4.9, however theirs mismatch between the dependencies CXXABI and LIBSTDC++ meaning the assignment-server wont launch correctly - this explains the non-persistence and not registering the avatars


-bash-4.2$ ./assignment-client
./assignment-client: /lib64/libstdc++.so.6: version CXXABI_1.3.8' not found (required by ./assignment-client) ./assignment-client: /lib64/libstdc++.so.6: versionGLIBCXX_3.4.20’ not found (required by ./assignment-client)

This is the issue, though sadly i’ve run out of hair to pull out trying to fix it today. any pointers for anyone else who may have come across and/or fixed this are welcome.



The first page we stumbled upon; sadly didn’t offer resolution.

Ah well, we’re going to backburn the domain server for now while we work on other projects - hopefully by the time we return to it there has been a code update to knock all of the issues on the head.


I didn’t post it yet but using the other repo I posted above and just pulling down gcc from it gave me gcc 4.9. Compiled and ran just fine. Will post more info on it later if needed.