Chair animations wonky or not operating?


I tried @Caitlyn 's scripted arm chair and the retro chair and seem to be having a problem… anyone else got it going okay?

Chair with Sitting Script does collide okay with avatar and it site, but its all wonky… even when using one of the standard avatars like Art3mis from the market place for example…

Retro Fibreglass chair does not seem to collide…


I noticed the same thing in my adaptation of the sitscript. It only happens when you’re in HMD mode. To fix it you need to edit the script.

Somewhere in the script there’s this function:

 sitAnimationHMDHandler: function() {
     return {
         leftFootType: IK_TYPES.Off,
         rightFootType: IK_TYPES.Off,
         rightHandType: IK_TYPES.HipsRelativeRotationAndPosition,
         leftHandType: IK_TYPES.HipsRelativeRotationAndPosition,
         neckType: IK_TYPES.HipsRelativeRotationAndPosition,
         headType: IK_TYPES.HipsRelativeRotationAndPosition,
         isFlying: false,
         isNotMoving: true,
         ikOverlayAlpha: 1.0,
         isMovingForward: false,
         isMovingBackward: false,
         isMovingLeft: false,
         isMovingRight: false,
         isNotTurning: true,
         isTurningLeft: false,
         isTurningRight: false,
         inAirAlpha: 0.0

I think that since HiFi integrated ‘puck’ support, the ‘IK_TYPES.Off’ doesn’t work anymore. Atleast not for the feet. So if you change the lines:

leftFootType: IK_TYPES.Off,
rightFootType: IK_TYPES.Off,


leftFootType: IK_TYPES.HipsRelativeRotationAndPosition,
rightFootType: IK_TYPES.HipsRelativeRotationAndPosition,

The script should work as intended again.


Okay, will try that. Note though that the issue for me was in desktop mode, not HMD/VR mode. I wonder why collision to trigger the sit pose animation did not work on the retro fibreglass chair. I will check the collision settings too.