Change email address confirm link broken?


I used the web interface to change my email address, the edit profile page shows its waiting for a confirmation for the new address I supplied. I received an email with a link, but clicking the link always responds with

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

The first address I chose was unusual enough to be suspect, as in (xyz is a real TLD). I repeated with a .com TLD and it fails also.

Anything I can do to fix this ?


Thanks for sending up a red flag about this–it’s being looked into, and I’ll post here again when the hamster is properly back in its wheel.


Just a ping to say that @b sent you a PM requesting more information about the verification link you’re receiving!


No sign of an email here. I suspect it was sent to the original email address I was attempting to change , which is no longer valid.

Happy to help , if possible please use the email address I have tried to change to.


Here’s the email I received


Your account has been created.

[Omitted Link] Click here verify your email.

High Fidelity

You received this email because you have signed up
for a High Fidelity user account.

https://highfidelity.comHigh Fidelity


Yes–we knew the email might not work, so a PM was sent instead to your inbox on this forum.

Paging @b, who may be able to assist with this info. Thanks!


I’m fixing this as we speak.


Okay, you should be confirmed now. Needed to fix a bug on the server. Thanks!


Confirmed that whole cycle works now. Thanks.

Minor cavil. The email to confirm a change says

“Your account has been created”.


Hate to do this but just noticed that my email in the forum preferences is incorrect and that one seems not to be edit capable.

Am I stuck forever with an invalid email for the forum ?