Change tablet marketplace "font" colors


I noticed this not long ago.
I have now checked that the tablet is set to 100%
But when i open the marketplace.
It’s a pretty bad readable design.
I still don’t know why it’s so trendy to do that.

A white background with lightgrey text. That’s very hard to read !
And i checkled it in my paint program with color picker.

204,204,204 is very light grey ! image
Did a compare with the webbrowser, that grey keeps to light.

Same for blue on white image
It’s hard to read, and the font is a bit blurry and fuzzy to.

Something looks terrible on the tablet that’s not looking good in the web browser. But the light grey text really need to be set darker in color.

At least a beter contrast between forground (text) and background color.

ADD: why can the Goto and Marketplace not be in the same nice colors as the create tools ? The create tools have a much nicer contrast and look. Still some parts have tiny fonts in create tool .


this is basically loading a website url. There must be a site that loads other websites to improve accesability and change colours and font sizes contrast and stuff
If one of those exists then maybe the market can be modded to load from alternative url’s
might also work if things need translating