Change Username?


@chris @leo I hate to bug the admins on such a menial task. But is there any way I can have my account reset so I can choose another username? I got excited to join the alpha and chose my name hastily so I could get in and mess around.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the bugger again.


Hey there! Can you tell me what your current username is and what you would like your new username to be?

We can simply change it in the database without you having to re-create your account altogether.

Change user name please

Current username is Nash_Dallas—I would like to change it to just ‘Dallas’. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


@b I have the opposite, i like the have my old name back, but in the begin of the alpha that created problems and on the forum it did not look good too. It’s a bit long.


Happy to change it back for you if you like, but it won’t display any differently on the forum than it did before. What were the issues the client was having with it?


You should be all set now!


In the begin i used Firstname.Lastname and sofar i remember we did have lots of troubles with logging in because the dot between the first and last name. There where also possible problems with recieving the e-mail adres so i did take a GMail adres instead.


Yeah, I was one of the ones having login issues back then due to having a dot in my name.


Hi, can you change my username to Ron instead of ronlaws86? Thanks!


Unfortunately @ronlaws86 somebody already has that username!


@b s Ronnie taken? that would be my second choice


Okay, done! Let me know if you have problems logging in or anything.


Will do, thanks for that!


Hi b,
could I please change my name to Astryl?


Any chance of me changing my name to simply Debs @b ? - Please


I wont bother anyone to ask for a change of my name, or my place name, but if a user-enabled ability to do that ever arises, I would certainly take advantage of it! I would like to change both.

I tried to just create a new account, but the link for that no longer works. Perhaps we are only allowed one account per email address? That would be understandable.


Yes, currently the invite codes are one time use only!

Let me know if you change your mind, happy to change the username for you. I’m not sure when that would be exposed as a possibility via ‘Edit Profile’

Unfortunately we can’t rename place names once they have been purchased.


Cool B.

This is totally nit-picky vanity and ease of use considerations driving this, but I would like to go from Sterling_Wright to just SterlingWright, although, I have seriously considered “FACE” instead!

Edit profile option would be nice, however…

Thank you.


Done. Let me know if there are any issues!


Done, @Astryl! Let me know if there are any problems.