Changes to alphas forum (discourse host)


Hi all,

We’ve migrated the forum to the latest version of discourse and are now running this as a managed service.

Some of you guys will see your user icons not showing, please upload an avatar image again to solve. Also, there are some data inconsistencies between the time of migration and when we actually switched the hostnames. I will put the old forum in read only mode available at a temporary domain some time this weekend so you can copy-paste/re post your messages if you consider appropriate.

Some other kinks getting ironed out, your snapshot posting may not work and until the discourse host puts up the SSL certificate for us you’ll get an SSL warning when you log in. We’ll be dealing with this early next week, didn’t want to postpone the switch albeit known issues to minimize data loss between services.

@chris is up to speed and we’re both available to help you guys if you run into trouble, please make sure to report any issues other than the ones I’ve stated above.



Alignment is different now. some the logo is misplaced i think.


There’s something invalid about the certificate.
Don’t know what but Chrome complained about it.



@judas, right, @leo said they hadn’t updated the SSL certs yet, just a matter of time for that process to complete.

Even though my profile photo looked OK, the mini-icons were not displaying. I just reloaded my profile photo and that took care of rejiggering my icons.


Uhmmm… whut…? oO


And where now i think one year later. and still this topic keeps after forum update and before stuck as unread.


The old forum is currently available at: and will remain active for a brief amount of time, please get anything you need from there, I’ll be shutting it down by Friday 15th by end of day.


Wait… what’s at the old forum that’s not over here? oO I thought they’d transferred the whole shebang over. :smiley:


everything transferred sofar i know except the last (meeting) day things get lost.