Changes to build process - move to C++11


Today we merged C++11 support for the all targets under the highfidelity/hifi repository.

For those of you who download the client from us, you should not have to do anything to keep using the client. If you experience any new problems please report them here, as they could be related to the change.

For those of you who build from source - you mau have to make some changes to your dev environment.

The biggest is the introduction of a new dependency, the Intel Threading Building Blocks Library.

I’ve tried to capture all of the changes required in our build guide. There is also now a build guide for each platform, so click through to those specifically.

Feel free to post any questions you have / problems you run into here.


This may be of some help if using Ubuntu 14.10


Did anyone noticed cmake problems with the windows build environment since about the above changes?

The current cmake build script cries about missing c++11 support when trying any type of Visual Studio compiler.

Someone having a working cmake/windows/VS2013 build environment?


@TestRaspel that’s a false warning - VS2013 has support for C++11 without requiring any flags or anything of the sorts, the Windows release build is currently building on VS2013 with no problem, as much as I just noticed those warnings also pop up. Ignore them for now.


Interface mac 1613 crashes immediately while starting up for me, could this be related?


@leo Thanks a lot. I’ll suggest that we change the CMake-Script to not block looking for C++11 support when trying to generate for VS2013 as it currently does. I could do and test that.


Making a change to our root CMakeLists file now - thanks @TestRaspel!


C++11 has been in for a while, so it shouldn’t make a sudden change in 1613. Is it still crashing for you on startup?


@b yes I tried a clean install (deleted all apps including stackmanager and preference files and still crashes at starting up) OSX 10.9.5