Chat font to tiny for me and my eyes


I wish it where customizable. not everybody’s eyes are the same. its not smaller but to small for me. can we not have option to set font size ?


Here’s screenshot

The left preference text is filepath for “place my snapshot” is really the minimum font size for me, i would make it myself 1 or 2px bigger to read it relaxed. but like you see chat have more space now but is very tiny for me. the screencap looks btw much beter then the real interface on my screen. possble because i have a bigger font and dpi setting in browser to.

The bug i see in interface.exe, its ignoring the windows dpi setting. windows is set for 125dpi here. Like to disable the transparency to. because that where in sl already annoying and you turn that directly off. it makes reading text very hard.

added, other weird thing, as soon hifi program lose focus the chat window dissapear. thats not needed at all. that way its hard to keep reading chat and check something else. Ok, sofar chat is readable.

this how the windows menu looks nice size and readable.

remember forum displaying things maby a bit wrong

Still would be nice to see for first instance a
ctrl +/- to zoom things in and out. see firefox for the idea.


It looks fine to me. What resolution is your monitor? O.O


1920x1080 and note again my eyes are not the best ones. windows is set to 125dpi scaling.


Agreed: customisable fonts would be handy

Also be able to have a free-floating-text-chat window: even able to place it on a 2 monitor
Maybe put these on the Worklist


Keeping the worklist creation to someone else. until i understand it compleet.


To compare it a bit for people that use the orginal Secondlife viewer.
The UI size slider i have set to 1.4 to keep a nice comfortable UI then others can see the difference. thats on 1920x1080 screen resolution. (4K screens must be nightmare to read)


Think i have found a workaround for the tint font in edit entities
Just for now have add extra 17" 4:3 screen to my set thats running at 800x600.
And nmow you see the flexibility from high fidelity. i can move the edit enitity window the the other screen

Only would be nice to have white font’s in the edit entitiy window , instead of the fuzzy dark brown/grey. solved last problem a bit by changing the white balance of the screen.


This is a lovely little chat interface. Where on earth does one find it? Did you make this, Richardus?


No, that where old temporarly chat system. it’s for now replaced for the IRC version you can open by pressing the backslash \ key. Expect better chat systems in the future.

Or make your own …


Thank you, Richardus. Yes, I had found the irc chat interface but not via backslash, so that is a nice tip. Judas told me that once before, but it did not work for me at that point.

There are things that I will be making, but I doubt a chat system will be one of them.