Chat.js - an interim local chat

#21” results is a page not reachable.

Haven’t got a clue what that means.


Sounds like @ctrlaltdavid left a local address in the script. It mean DNS didn’t resolve to the chat server… Unless he managed to somehow snag some dev domains off Google :wink:


Ah.” should be:


Even better, seems you can paste links in now! Thanks, @ctrlaltdavid


Ahh, yes, sorry about the dev URL above! … Fixed.


Well, how can i run always the chat.js script. without killing it when you reload defaults.js or update something ?

I know you can make a directory. and i think you need to point in preference hifi too it. and but chat.js in there. But is that the only way ?


@Richardus.Raymaker I keep a copy of the URL text handy so that, whenever I nuke my Interface.ini, I can easily copy the URL into the Running Scripts dialog’s “from URL” prompt.

Also, I maintain a copy of defaultScript.js, modified to include chat.js plus link to any modified versions of the default scripts I’ve made: … I often use this via the Running Script dialog’s “from URL” prompt instead of HiFi’s version of defaultScripts.js.


Thanks @ctrlaltdavid I tried that to but failed. possible because i did used the wrong url.
But it’s working now.


@ctrlaltdavid Is it possible to remember the chat window positon ?
Now you need to scale and move it with ever start of high fidelity to the right corner.


Not yet @Richardus.Raymaker, but I’m looking at adding the necessary JavaScript API calls to do so.


The chat.js script on the Marketplace has been fixed.


can u add some more interesting people to chat to in it?



UPDATE: The size and position of the chat window is now remembered between program runs.


UPDATE: Made the script handle the domain not running, user not logged in, or user not authorized.



  • Added “/me emotes” support: displays “emotes” in italics.
  • Display http and hifi hyperlinks in message as hyperlinks.
  • Made Shift-Enter start a new line in the message.
  • Fixed flashing HMD cursor as dialog focus changes.
  • Fixed HMD view to not display address bar when user keypad Enter to submit a message.


I just did add the chat.js again to my list.
But when i minimize, i hope you see it when someone types in chat. (not sure if the header change color when new message appears.

But if you go from minimized to maximized, it’s going full screen Not back to the old window size before you did minimize it.

Yes i know it’s simple emergency chat script example.


@Richardus.Raymaker When minimized there are three buttons: restore, maximize, and close.

I note that in Windows 10 (per sreensnap) the buttons are spaced out a lot more than they used to be in previous Windows versions; the “restore” button is very close to the HF logo and may be easy to miss. I may see if I can update Interface to make the minimized bar wider.

P.S. lol @ “12 MONTHS LATER”. If anyone’s interested. current info on this chat script can be found at:


I just wanted to run the scrpt to check if caitlyn use it. but it’s not showing any chat screen.


@Richardus.Raymaker It’s possible that the chat window is positioned outside the window bounds. Try toggling its visibility off and back on with the menu item, View > Local Chat. After doing this it, at least part of its address bar should be visible so that you can drag it to a better position.