Chat.js - an interim local chat


I’ve also updated the script with a fix for initial visibility of the chat window.


Thanks, it now appeared without and extra handlings after loading the script. Strange that it failed the first time.

Only opacity is a bit high i think of the frame.
Sorry, tried to upload picture but forum not want it or internet.


Okay, the localchat window loaded when I fired up HF this time. Is there a away to resize it downward if I want?


Like other Interface dialogs, there’s a resize drag handle at the bottom right of the dialog window.


Ah, thankee. :slight_smile:


The chat window where gone again. so looking in the menu. aha ** key.
Only that key have no function ? it’s not doing anything here.

I got the chat window back by clicking the option in the menu twice or triple.


Windows - not just chat - move / tend to get lost when toggling between HMD and desktop modes. But if you close and reopen the window it tends to come back (is automatically moved so that at least part of it is visible). Definitely an annoyance.


Hmmmmm… now there’s a new wierdness. In build 5538, I move and the various little windows such as the Local Chat pane fade out like normal (neat new feature, that)… but when I have stopped moving again, and the windows came back up again, the Local Chat window has stayed gone from view, and I have to manually turn it back on via View > Localchat… \


I’ve made a handful of improvements and fixes:

  • Add placeholder text in input pane.
  • Make “” close window as well as Esc.
  • Don’t start up with window open.
  • Fix window closing when avatar moves.