Chat still doesn't work for me


Hello guys,

I looked if someone else posted this issue but I couldn’t find so here it is. Since day one my chat feature doesn’t work at all. I have waited because there are new updates almost daily but I got my first interface build 477 now I have build 646 and it’s still not working so it must be something wrong in my settings and I can’t figure out what it is.

Anytime I log in, the chat has one text line “You must be logged in to chat with others…” and nothing happens whatever I do. The text is wrong because I am logged in. email, password used, my name shows up in Files menu so yes that is not the issue.

I am missing something. Please tell me what it is.

Computer is PC, Quad CPU, Windows 7 OS, 8GB RAM

Thank you!


Open door.

Did you logged in with the HiFi account ?
Do you see your name top left in the window header ?

Otherwise, logout and login again as test.


Hi Richard thanks for your response.

Yes I have logged in and yes I see the name on the top left corner.

I have also tried several times to log out and log back in. Nothing.

Anything else I can do to check things?

Thank you!


You tried the uninstall option to.
Also deleted the directory manual and remove the interface.ini Then reinstall.
Otherwise i dont know whats wrong.


Thank you for the suggestion.

So I just deleted the whole thing, installed build 646 but having the same problem. :frowning:


Hi @Arkad_Baxton shoot me an email and I will reset your account.


Thank you very much Chris it worked. Chat is on!