Check for akama NetSession client


I discovered akama NetSession client. in my uninstall list. Never installed that application and after abit to short research i just removed it. because i don’t want unrequjested peer2peer / bittorent style applications that share in idle mode your connection with others to make things go fatser for other users.

But it can interfere alos on busy connection in some cases !

Anyway, if someone else have it on the system, mabye you can check wich program did installed this piece of unwanted software. i expect it’s autodesk (maya?) that did something or fuse. But that’s only guess.

Wanted to let people know, mabye it eat bandwidth for others. read the faq for more info, that also explains how to check what programs are using it. (something i forgot todo)


Akamai netsession is a update session client for software update downloads through Akamais CDN. It will get reinstalled every time you update software that uses it. This includes windows auto update, apples products and adobe as well. That bandwidth use is basically your software updating it self.

It’s also agreed to be installed in many product Eula’s which people don’t read.