Chicken egg. Why is 120hz more smooth then 100hz while


Yes off course 120hz is more smooth then 100hz
But the difference must be not so visible when you pan left or right.
It feels more like software use 60hz as reference for calculations instead of the real refresh rate set in the monitor settings.

The big problem with 120hz is that is makes you sick and 100hz
works fine. But is less smooth. For now i stay with 110Hz. that makes me not sick with turning.

I just have the feeling that 100hz is only less smooth because the frames are calculated wrong. Byw i see in a quick look the same problem with SL.


What is the frequency of your power mains?

It has always been a problem with displays running at frequencies that are not a multiple of the power mains. In the past the problem was heterodyne flicker between ambient lights and the displays. That problem has been going away as lighting moves to high frequency or DC LED lights.


Another issue is the render frame rates versus the display frame rate. There, when those two rates are different it is possible to have heterodyne judder. This is why G-sync was developed to refresh at the render rate or some multiple of it.


50hz here. that is why i use 100hz. because i still use ccfl light. Not found replacement for that Not sure if my 980 have G-Synch.