Child entity not always load at login


I have a weird problem, build 5822.
I have a parent entity and linked to that a child entity.
It happens now regulair that when i login in front of the parent entity, the child entity does not appear and seems not present on that location.

Now when i relog , the entity normally appears spontanic again, today it failed. I really need to teleport now to other domain like empty and gp back to make it visible. So the entity is many times gone. but it’s still present.

Strange thing is that yesterday when some visitors came by, the did see the entity and i did not see it. But the came from other domain. It sounds like a direct login is not triggering something in the correct order. It’s not fun to create something this way if your important entity is most of the time missing.

You also see in the snapshots how the hud is crawling back up with every login !

ADD: When the problem with the child entity happens. it’s also not visible in edit.js entities list !

ADD: It’s now night here. and now the entity seems to load fine. Need to see what happens the next days.

ADD: 2016-12-28 The problem just appeared again. the child entity does not appear. Relog brings it back again.


This problem still exists. and start to get a bit annoying and happens to many times. Because you can only fix it by teleporting to other domain and back, a relog is not working most of the time. then you need to move back to your place you work and start to open windows etc. again.

Broken. child entity of right door is missing.

This is how it need to look. Lucky shot that it did game back after a relog this round.

How is high fidelity expecting to attract builders and creators when basic things like this are still broken.