Clean Reinstall of Interface and Stack Manager on Win 7 helpful


Generally Win 7 is pretty good with installing updates over previous version with some software. I like most people have avoided clean reinstalling because we do not want to loose bookmarks and settings. Installing did not take long but it too me over 3 hours to clean my register. :sunny:
the clean reinstalling appears to have fixed the major problem I had: that was my character being stuck and not able to respond to navigation keys.
The quickest way to solve some issues is to suspect ones one system sometimes. (but not all the time) :wink:


navigation keys not working is enable keyboard motor controlls being off under avatar.


I vaguely remember unticking this feature because I thought I don’t have no friggin motor for my keyboard to control :blush:

I must have crashed shortly because I did not remember putting the setting back to it’s origional state. Once I noticed my avi not moving I was convinced I had a corrupt installation. :smiley: :blush: :wink: :smile:


I guess we have to next time remember to put a last resort fix to remove the Config file and seeing what it does :slight_smile: Which basically is the same as clean reinstalling.


the problem with win 7 clean reinstalling is that some software creates files in the shared folders. Some create files for C:\Program Files (x86)\xxx
Sometimes the shared files are hidden.


The hidden folders can be easilly made visible on windows through its tools however. by generally the places where High Fi makes its folders are in the appdata folders, accessed by typing %APPDATA% into the folder url.