Clean Reinstall


Running OSX 10.9.2

When I first installed Interface, weeks ago, I could use the build menu. Everything worked. Now I the tab key doesn’t work, no menus appear, and I can only make a voxel by running a script.

So I thought I would try a clean install, and, unlike Second Life, I don’t seem to be able to do that. Does that mean that there are different files to delete? If so, it would be a good idea to write up a recipe for a clean reinstall.

Not to be discouraged, however, I went to another iMac, which is running the same system as this one, but doesn’t have any of the wonky stuff I am always downloading to mine. I installed Interface for the first time on that computer.

But no luck. No tab, no menus.

So I’m wondering if it’s a problem with Mavericks, although I see that other people are using it.

I just can’t figure this out, and I am so keen to get started with voxels.

Maybe this picture of Sad Ellie, below, will provide some clues.


Have you already tried to run script from URL


I can rez a voxel, using kevin’s rez voxel script (run from file)
When I try to rez a floor, using his rez floor script (run from file), nothing happens.
When I try to stop all scripts and start fresh, I crash.

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000000000be

I ran the link you gave me, but nothing happens.

I think I am overlooking something obvious, but can’t figure out what.


Is there any mention of TNode or TChangeNotifier in your bug report? Could you please post the whole bug report?
Thanks, Konstantin


@EllieBrewster how did you run Kevin’s script without the menu, are you using hotkeys?


The bug report is too big to include here. I scanned for those two terms, nothing found.

Here’s the full file:


I have the task bar, Chris, just not the two build menus (side and bottom). I’ve tried this on two iMacs running OS 10.9.2 and got identical results. This is on Build 436


Can you open this link in your default web browser then open interface.



I can,

I did,

It works! I’ve got building panels!

Thank you, Cozza!