Client Freezing on Windows 10



I’ve had difficulties with the alpha client-side on Windows 10. When I try to use/access any of the menu buttons the client hangs and freezes until I have to force an end task to close it. My system is updated and so is the client. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well.

Is anyone else having this issue, or might have any suggestions for me? Thanks!


While I am on a posting binge, well… a couple of posts…
It might be helpful to know what kind of computer you have and what kind of internet connection.
For example: processor type, RAM size, graphics card/chipset etc. and connection to internet: dsl, broadband, wifi?, up and download speeds to servers in places like California, or to the domain you are trying to connect to.

Ackk!.. now that I look… I guess I’ve posted more than that today… so… nm. I regret most everything I type online.


It is not uncommon, unfortunately, for the current versions of interface to crash when they are beset with a lot of assets to download, especially when the bandwidth to the client is under 50Mb/sec.


Sure! Windows 10, 32 GBs of RAM, Intel i7 6820 2.70 GHz, GeForce GTX 980M. Connection changes because I travel, usually high-speed, 20down/20up(yes that is not a typo) or 10down/2up, I’m always staying in residential. I am accessing my own localhost server.

I have no assets I’ve added or downloaded onto the scene(its frozen so much I haven’t been able to reach the point of adding any assets), it happens even when I’m just in an expanse of just stars and nothingness. It also happens when I am at home in the default sky-bar.

As for Balpien’s suggestion about bandwidth would this happen even when accessing my own empty server? That doesn’t seem right if I’m accessing my own system.

Everything runs fine until I click on one of the menu options, even just clicking to pull a drop-down of the menu freezes my client.

Thanks again!


Hmm… that sounds strange. Seems like you should be able to run HiFi ok…

I wonder if you have some non common software installed on your machine. Or some special firewall settings or virus protection stuff. (I think you must have access to at least amzonaws for default stuff to work) And no, if it is local host it should be very fast.

Just wondering, what happens if you click edit and click on the box icon?.. Does it render a cube object?.. and then… do the arrow keys work?.. can you fly around it?
Or do you even load the default scripts for editing etc.?


I have been having issues with Windows 10 and other applications as well. I think it’s definitely more an issue for Windows 10 than a HF issue. I just wondered if others might be having a similar issue with Windows 10 and HF. I have not been able to get to the point of being able to do anything really, I can move the arrow keys and fly, but the minute I try to access a menu it freezes. I am playing around with it to see if I have some kind of solution.


Okay so, I restarted the server and did the Edit>Reload Content before it could freeze on me, and everything seems to be working now! (I HOPE!) Maybe now I can get further! thank you for your suggestions!


Nvidia is also pushing very hard toward the goals to meet deadlines with HMDs. I’ve noticed 3 “Game Ready” driver updates over the last 10 days.

Update your drivers to the “game ready” flavor a la the GeForce Experience sub-app by Nvidia and try to run Interface in “Fullscreen Mode”. Also, what is the refresh rate and resolution of your attached monitor? (I assume laptop because you have a GTX 980M ‘m’ for mobile processor)


Maybe @Chris could handle this as he’s been using this type of laptop I believe @MintyMint


Great advice! Thank you, I’ll do that now!


I am in the same boat here, except I am not running the server. @MintyMint, does your client work fine now?

I have MSI GT72S gaming laptop with Windows 10, 32 GBs of RAM, Intel i7 6920 2.90 GHz, GeForce GTX 980M. Wifi is high speed. The graphic driver is the latest.

I am just trying “visit virtual world” and I have ~5% chance of finish clicking several buttons on the menu to play with avatar with Rift.


Update: I have switched to a desktop. Client works fine now there.