Client UI(Toolbar/Chat) Missing on Startup


I’ve been having issues this week with the UI within the interface client missing when I log in. I currently can’t find any reasons why the top “toolbar” section is missing nor the chat/chatbar is missing either. Anyone else currently having this set of problems? When I get the chance I’ll post a picture with the missing areas highlighted.


Yeah I’ve had that problem for two updates now but the funny thing about it is that if you hover and click in the areas that the tabs should be you can still get access to the pull-down menus and all of their respective functionality.In addition I do find that certain thing make it reappear (i.e trying to drag a .png file onto the interface or simply waiting a awhile.)

As to the Chat, beyond trying to bring it up with the short cut “Enter”, ya got me there. I’m sure it will be worked out in a few updates though. I Have faith. :smiley:


Hi @Dexial_Reaktova and @DavidGreenwood The client is configurable through Javascript , therefore sometimes the default .js that we have in there may get dropped from your install. To check that

Go to running script:

See if Defaultscripts is running

If not, go to run script from URL

and copy in this URL:

Let me know if that help you


I have had similar experiences with the top menu bars, but never with chat,
Menu items are avaialbale and fiunction if you roll over them but the space displays as see-through until I restart interface. Restarting has never failed to clear the issue.

None of the PC builds i have downloaded has reliably started the defaultScripts.js

I just recently found this same solution in the post " How do I creatre my first Voxel?"
Loading the script from the URL has worked reliably and I haven’t seen any UI issues after it is running.


Well I stopped and reloaded the scripts from the built in re-loader (i.e. hit the 2 button on my keypad), Stopped all scripts and then reloaded from the URL, and even tried relogging. All to no avail. It stays stubbornly invisible for a time then reappears.

But you know what? Maybe the system is trying to tell us something. Maybe having an invisible frame around the interface, that you can reach through, is a GOOD idea (i.e. on an iPad or some other smaller device where desk top space is at a premium and having an interface with an invisible side tool bar that can also show other stuff going on would be appreciated). Who needs the tabs as long as you know where to hover to get the pull downs? I think it’s a great “Happy Accident” and should be an included function (perhaps a whole invisible frame you could turn on and off with roll-over hot keys you could assign and position as you like). It would definitely set HiFi’s interface apart from others!

I actually like the invisible tool bar now! I mean I think it’s pretty cool that I can access all the functions without having to look at those tabs all the time and can actually click on my desk top behind the interface if I want to. All I have to do is line up some files or shortcuts up there on my desktop and I have convenient access. Viola! Lemonade from lemons! :smiley: