Clipping at 16km


Yes, I just put a 32km object in a domain! Low-poly terrain circular mesh of triangles 16km radius. Worked nicely.

It does seem to clip beyond 16km away. Not a big deal but I am interested if this is a hard or soft limit?


A bit of what my searches on the web indicate is called ‘z-buffer fighting’ at the 12km mark out, too.

I don’t necessarily consider this behaviour a bug. Just getting a feel for the system limits.




OMG, help. High fidelity is clipping at 16KM… A disaster !
Dont worry Secondlife clips only between 32-1024 meters and beyond that. :smile:


32m ? Sometimes It clipped at 16m!

In anycase, yeah this is probably an openGL thing.

Usually these sort of things are hidden by “fog”. should probably have a zone setting for that. Maybe fog at 8 km would be good enough as default. Having it would enhance “distance” for 2D screens.



I expect the add the fox later. and agree 8km is already very much. mabye to much ?


Should definitely be adjustable to the zone, sorta like the skybox.


Hey! Some of us aren’t so short-sighted! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and OpenWonderland clips at about 500m, so HF is still well ahead of the pack!

The comeback of this experiment is that I will drop my world from 32km to 16km across and make sure my low-poly meta-terrain is chunky enough to keep the z-buffer conflicts at the edges minimised (the low-poly meta-terrain and the ocean are the only things that will be visible at that range anyway).