clonedOverlaysExample.js crashes Interface


Windows build 1860.

Running under Windows debugger …

Unhandled exception at 0x01010931 in interface.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000012.

interface.exe!Resource::isLoaded() Line 125 C++
interface.exe!BillboardOverlay::render(RenderArgs * args) Line 39 C++
interface.exe!Overlays::renderWorld(bool drawFront, RenderArgs::RenderMode renderMode, RenderArgs::RenderSide renderSide) Line 158 C++
interface.exe!Application::displaySide(Camera & theCamera, bool selfAvatarOnly, RenderArgs::RenderSide renderSide) Line 2812 C++
interface.exe!Application::paintGL() Line 677 C++
interface.exe!GLCanvas::paintGL() Line 65 C++
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!QGLWidget::glDraw() Line 4169 C++
Qt5OpenGLd.dll!QGLWidget::updateGL() Line 3883 C++
interface.exe!Application::idle() Line 1435 C++

@Huffman ?


@ctrlaltdavid Oops, looks like I didn’t update the copy ctor when making the texture changes. Thanks for pointing it out. Compiling the fix right now.


Lol, those overlays are awesome. @thoys

Fix here: