Cloud Domain Sever -- Linux? Windows?


Hello 1 week old HF newbie… SL oldbie… Mesher, Animator, Scripter, coder, web developer, desktop developer, mobile developer… etc, etc…

So I read this in another topic…

Because the difficulties with an linux server and HF installation, I thought maybe about to rent a windows cloud server. To install HF on a windows cloud server, is it like to install HF on my desktop computer, just with a remote desktop software on this server?

I’d like to be running my domain on a linux server (my personal preference, is all) but I can do windows if needed. I’ve seen another (2 year old topic) saying that building hifi on linux is much harder. However a recent topic shows step by step build instructions for hifi on Ubuntu.

So, I’m asking for a little advice

Are there are real issues with linux as a platform for the domain server?
I won’t be running interface on the box, just the server. It’ll be running in one of my own coloced vmware servers, so I’ll have decent cpu and bandwidth options.

Any thoughts to guide my first choices in this area will be appreciated.



No issues at all if you pick a well supported distribution – i.e. Ubuntu 16.04, have comfort getting base packages installed including a PPA for Qt5.6.x support and can handle spending a lot of quality time at the command prompt.

If you’re looking for a download this, run it and go thing then… not so much.


Well the compile went pretty easily. It compiled and was ready to run in less than an hour.

However nomatter how open i set security on the domain, I was unable to connect. After setting a domain id and attaching a purchased place name, I was able to connect. However there was no content. Making a box and then disconnecting and reconnecting… the box would not remain. More details @ this post:



Yup got it running under linux/Ubuntu
Short answer:
Start assignement-client with -n 6 option.
assignment-clinet -n 6
Long answer:



Yeah you have to give the assignment-client enough servers to handle the connections on the domain, if you went to http://YOUR_IP:40100 you would have seen that there were some processes that could not connect.