"Cloud is great. Until it rains." (quoting the software manager here)


The Web2 men, say “up” today, but all my data’s gone away.
And it’s raining. dum dum dumdadadum. Raining in the cloud.
(Quoting me)

(I am and I am. I checked multiple times, did a full firewall-bypass*, and followed the ‘fix’ offered on the official support page). *Due to the amount of weird and badly-written software that needs to be used around here, IT has an automated process for doing this… Adobe Creative Cloud itself is site-licensed and officially supported and should be well above any local firewall issues - even if the local IT did stuff something up, their support line would be getting hammered within minutes on an Adobe issue!

Sorry, I don’t have the patience to fuck around with or - be fucked around by - commercial entities! It works or it gets killed from my system with extreme prejudice!

Time to put some serious effort into learning to munge MakeHuman to give an output that will work with HiFi! (Ideally via a relatively effortless workflow beyond the actual effort of avatar generation!). :persevere:


I had that exact problem at work the other day ,let me know if u fix it?


Let me know if you want to tag-team this. Your first steps will be easy; getting it into Blender and weighted is where I struggled. It’s manageable though. I’m sorry you’re having a hard day; it’s getting past the bitter ones that make the sweet ones taste better.

Let us know how you do!



Always having one option always is not good make human would be a great second solution but needs support properly for the average user


We’ll get there someday.


To me, it would be amazing if MH could be integrated somehow into high fidelity, it’s very open-source while works inside Blender with a plugin very well.
Plugin: http://www.manuelbastioni.com/manuellab.php

SL already has a MH rigging convertor created by a resident for rigging http://www.onelifeform.com/mh_to_sl/


Though I am getting quite good at modeling in Blender (and have played extensively with the Manuel Bastion Labs plugin too), ideally MakeHuman alone should be usable for directly generating HiFi avatars. I imagine a first-step would be getting an appropriately-licensed HiFi-compatible rig into the project for users to select from the Pose/Animate tab.

Adding one in manually after download is also fine, but having the HiFi avatar rig in the distribution version would not only be easier for novices (and the effort-adverse, like me! :sweat_smile:) but would increase exposure of the HiFi brand.


There’s a mh rig as module you can add ?. not seen it, but that sounds very interesting.

Can you tell more or have a link ? And for wich mh version ?


Not that I am aware of. My point is there should be one! (And to be honest I am left wondering why there isn’t! - it is certainly arguable that this is not a core-HiFi responsibility, but one for the user-developer community surrounding it, in the end, having a solid, free avatar generator is pretty important and someone probably should look into it! - Sadly, I am not skilled enough to do more than grumble :disappointed:).

As an aside, I’d be interested in how much community traction HiFi got from interacting with these OSS projects rather than their tendency to default to the commercial side for support applications. Particularly in the context of Alpha/Beta development (I suspect the OSS community would be more supportive at this stage of development than people who are used to paying for ‘finished’ commercial products).

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to HiFi, so shouldn’t be taken as any form of criticism of this project, the big mistake a lot of organisations seem to make with OSS is treating it like a check-point on a buzzword-compliance list. The licensing is certainly good and deserves all the kudos due, however in the OSS world, broader community involvement is still where the real returns tend to kick in.


I seem to have oriented the sacrificial goose correctly today. I logged out of absolutely everything Adobe on both browsers I have to use (due to the stupid “brand-new” procurement system here that uses Silverlight!!). Then I rebooted and then logged back into the Adobe Cloud with the Desktop App.

Mixamo is still just a lazy shortcut for me at this stage and will never be a serious avatar solution for me.
(I am only really fiddling with it because I wanted to replace the picture of my SL avatar that is part of my desktop collage with something more current, TBH … a student recently mistook my old avatar for Whoopie Goldberg!! - nothing against Ms Goldberg but my Avatar is supposed to be SE-Asian!)


Hmm. Posted too soon…

When the cloud rains, it pours!!

“Support” was as assistive as one would expect! But then I remembered from last time I was playing with their system a few months back that, even after deleting an asset, you can’t re-use the name without borking the auto-rigging process.

Or not! Apparently the failures are just random!


Phewwww! After much more mucking about than should be necessary, and some touch-up in GIMP:

These were snapped from the Maximo preview window, which has a few trade-offs presumably in the name of efficiency during setting up poses/animations -

  • Transparency isn’t honored - so I had to hand-edit out the black-bar eyelashes (in Fuse, ‘no eyelashes’ just uses a completely transparent texture, but the mesh parts are still there). For the same reason, I dropped her nice techy-looking tinted safety-glasses, since I wanted her eye to be visible for these images.
  • Lighting is rather harsher than in Fuse where I created the avatar.
  • That elbow bend! I don’t know if that is Fuse not using weighted multi-bone mesh relationships to eliminate that issue (as MakeHuman does) or just Maximo not using them for its preview mode.
  • The hair over the right eye is faked in GIMP - I don’t think there is a way to do that in Fuse, though direct-editing the mesh in Blender et.al. would likely achieve it.

Not entirely happy with the Fuse mesh anyway - it looks good if I carefully line it up, but otherwise is rather angular and chunky around the face with not as fine or smooth control as MakeHuman provides.

On the other hand, the materials in that tracksuit are just gorgeous! Though the way it bunches at the back under the butt (not shown - thank me!) looks pretty awful and, well, I don’t think something that badly cut would be particularly pleasant to wear in RL! :astonished: