Colbert asks Musk to replace the keyboard and mouse!



I cant watch it because it is only for USA


Then scroll to the 8th minute of


Cant be watched here, besides a keyboard and maby a bit less mouse are perfect.
It need more and betetr support in HiFy.


I’m a huge SpaceX/Elon Musk fan. As a matter of fact, I recently did some work (with a large group of others) restoring the landing video. If you’re unaware, SpaceX is developing a way to return the first stage to the launch site and land it vertically on it’s tail. A couple of months ago, during a launch, they refired the rocket and brought it to a hover just above the ocean. SpaceX did receive telemetry telling them that it was successful, but due to a storm, the ships and planes couldn’t get close enough to get a good video feed. What we go was a garbled mess with a few frames here and there visible, but we manged to piece together enough of it so you can witness the water landing. The repair work was a nightmare, but most of the actual data was still there, but when there’s a little bit of garbage, it throws everything off sync, especially the way SpaceX had the encoding configured. Luckily, we had Michael Niedermayer, the curator of ffmpeg on board, and we’d ask him to add this or that function so we could manually set macroblocks, and about 6 weeks later, and alot of work by alot of people, we wound up with this…


That one doesn’t work anymore but I found new one: